Mind and thanks….

Today I am lucky to come to many realizations. One of them comes from this book I am reading about the power of the subconscious mind.Human Beings are marvelous creatures and the mind is even greater than we perceive. Imagine if we really channeled our energies into peacful thoughts instead of gossip, negative thoughts and other daily things that weigh us down. The power of thought is great, it decides what will come our way or not. Today I have many things to be thankful for especially in terms of my career. Most of my success comes from being positive about doing the things i love. This success of mine is but a small part of the greater success to come but I have to stop and thank God for the successes of today. To me today is a big day with big events happening. To the ordinary person today is just a normal day that will pass by but have you stopped to look at the clouds in the sky? to be thankful that you have a meal today? Are you thankful for the things that you do have? instead of looking at what you dont have…. I am and my journey is trying to remember these things everyday, even on those days when life gets tough. Today I am thankful.

Jenna Samaroo

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