sometimes it’s amazing how life turns out how one never knows what to expect out of life. one of things that has impacted on me since i have been in Barados is how much i have grown as a person. i think that sometimes people see you very differently to how you perceive yourself. sometimes it is important to listen to what people have to say to you about you, because sometimes your peception about yourself is not ideally what other persons see. i’m not talking about gossip and the like, i’m speaking about when people compliment you, their thoughts about you, how you spend your day, their interaction with you, those things that speaks to who you are in daily life. in the last two months my classmates, my hall mates and i guess my friends that i have made on this journey in my life have pointed out things that i never realised would identify me as me yet when they point out things, i think to myself that is me!!!to me life consists of many journeys but this particular one brought me to a place of self discovery which is one thing that i value the most because it can help me to make firm, confident decisions in my life. it has truely been a learning experience in more ways than just studying and the beaches. i chose to write about this because i got some inspiration today from a good friend………just something to think about…..

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