Future Young Men

I have the pleasure of interacting with many pre-adolescent, adolescent and young adult males. Many times these interactions give a clear indication of the impact of fathers not being in the household on our young males. Many times these young men are confused about their roles. They have little respect for females and persons around them. Their notions of being a man, manliness or plane masculinity is jaded. They perceive that being a man entails many things that are not really true. Drugs, machoism, breadwinners, cursing, drinking, little respect for authority, stealing, lying are just some of the negative characteristics many young men think they should follow.

But my faith in young men have been restored from time to time. Not all young men are bad obviously but sometimes it may seem that way because of bad press, because we mainly only hear the horror stories. The good or better stories are buried below the badness of some young men. There are many young men with the dream of being more. They are many young men with so much potential. We as a society have to help guide and channel the potential of these young men. Especially those who are not fortunate to have good guidance from parents or family. We cannot only look at the bad but for our future and the future of our young people on a whole we must look at the good and offer guidance and support to our young men.

When I say guidance that is essentially what I mean. As a society it is out responsibility to guide and support our young men. Many of them do not have a father figure or the father figure that is available is simply not good enough. Fathers need to start stepping up to their responsibilities. Our young men have so much potential so why are we letting all this potential be lost to drugs, womanizing and so much more. The male species has to start saving their own. And we can start this with fathers who are willing to accept their responsibilities.

Young men have the world in their hands and with guidance and support they can achieve anything. I think it is time start trusting our young men for they our future. The young people are the ones who will be running our companies and our country in years to come. We need to believe in our young men and guide them so that they can be the true leaders of tomorrow.

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