Sadness and Depression

Over the course of the last few months I have found that there are a number of people and specifically young people who have been displaying signs and symptoms of depression and sadness.

Here are 10 questions to ask yourself to help determine if your sadness could be depression. If you have any concern about your mental health, always check with a professional.

  1. Do you have unexpected, intense sadness that lasts longer than a few days at a time?
  2. Are you experiencing thoughts of suicide? 
  3. Are you fatigued or lacking in energy?
  4. Do you have feelings of hopelessness? 
  5. Are you using alcohol or drugs to manage your mood?
  6. Have your eating patterns changed? 
  7. Have you lost interest in activities you used to enjoy? 
  8. Do you feel worthless or guilty? 
  9. Are you losing your temper or fighting more than you used to?
  10. Are you becoming more irritable? 

Please note that these questions do not give a diagnosis of depression but can raise a red flag for you to see a mental health professional to determine if the sadness you feel is usual for you life circumstance at this time.

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