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I had the pleasure of attending the Trinidad and Tobago Association of Psychologist retreat this weekend. Many points stood out to me and started my own thought process as to the future and development of psychology in the Caribbean.
The perennial problem continues to be that we as a Caribbean people cannot unite. We fail to see that united we will be more of a force in the world.  United we would just be better.

 The unfortunate result of this disunity for the discipline of Psychology in the Caribbean is quite sad since we have to rely on the instruments for testing, literature and research from the U.S., U. K. and every other first world country. The literature etc. from these places have little cultural relevance to our unique and dynamic society yet we still rely on all their material. 

We have many bright, intellectual and hard working Psychologist all over the Caribbean so doesn’t it make sense for us to have a Caribbean Psychological Association where we can work on literature, research and testing instruments that are our own and relevant to our culture? What are my colleagues in the Caribbean thoughts on this matter?


  1. Anonymous says

    Hi Jenna:

    Good news CANPA – The Caribbean Association of National Psychological Associations is launching next month in Grenada. This was born out of the first Caribbean Regional Conference of Psychology held in the Bahamas in 2011, see for further information.

    The next conference CRCP 2014 will be held in Suriname November 11-14. I will share a quote from Dr. Nicolas which echoes your sentiments:
    Dr. Guerda Nicolas, Member of the COC and Chairperson, School of Educational & Psychological Studies, University of Miami commented on the shared and unique features of the Caribbean reality as follows:
    “The impact of colonization in the Caribbean regions significantly impacted our abilities to see the many ways that we are similar and celebrate the ways that we are different. CRCP 2011 provided us with an opportunity to recognize our collective strengths and declare our commitment to work together, stand together, and collectively address the needs of the regions. Through such efforts we set forth to ensure a brighter, healthier, and sustainable future for all regions of the Caribbean.”

    Please do start planning to participate in CRCP 2014, as we build bridges we need to cross over them to be together so as to draw on each others strengths.

    Dr. D. Maynard
    UWI, Cave Hill

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